RMC Will Be Using MYLAPS Transponder System


The Rocky Motorcylcle Club has decided going forward we will be using the MyLaps Transponder system at ALL races for MX races and MotoTally for off-road races. (Edited February 28, 2021)

For those of you not familiar with MyLaps, it is a lap tracking device for your bike. This system has its own app available for download for live scoring as well. If you want to look into it further please see their website www.mylaps.com

These devices are shareable as long as you do not have more than one person racing at the same time.

We are doing a bulk order of the TR2 MX Model. We are keeping a number of transponders as future rentals and the rest we will sell at our price of $250USD each less 25% and free shipping ($22USD). This price includes the device, charging cradle and a five year subscription – please note the device does not work without an active subscription. You can also purchase them individually on their website at retail price at any time.

If you wish to purchase one from the club you can contact Sara Hay, directly on messenger or at 4038773907. Orders require a $200 CAN deposit. Remainder will be due upon pickup. Final cost of course depends on the USD the date order is placed.

Deadline for orders in November 1st.

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